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Shorten Design Cycles for AGV/AMR Applications With Built-in Features

Posted by Johann Tang on Dec 15, 2018 12:00:00 PM

In the market of electric motors, there are products designed for general purpose applications, and there are motors designed for specialized applications, such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs) or autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).  While standard, general purpose motors work for most applications such as factory automation, sometimes, it may help shorten your design cycle by going with a motor system that already offers the features that you are planning to implement into your design.  In this post, we will summarize some of these features.

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Topics: Increase Stop Accuracy, Closed-Loop Operation, Speed Regulation, Improve Design, Reducing Footprint, Gear motor, Gearhead, Brushless motors, Brushless DC motors, AGV, AMR, Robotics, Flat Hollow Shaft Gearhead

MOTOR CHALLENGE 5: Choosing the Right Type of Stepper Motor for Your Application

Posted by Johann Tang on Nov 12, 2018 8:30:00 AM

Stepper motors are popular for their ability to position accurately as well as their ease of use.  Both the amount of rotation and the speed are controlled easily with the same digital square wave pulse signal.  Unlike servo motors, stepper motors do not need an encoder to operate.  Example applications of stepper motors are CNC machines, index tables, robotics, scanners, and more recently, 3D printers.

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Topics: Stepper Motors, Motor Selection, Position Control, 2-Phase, 5-Phase, Electromagnetic Brake, Encoder, High Resolution, Gearhead, Indexing Operation, Reciprocating Motion, Reducing Vibration

MOTOR CHALLENGE 1: Minimize Machine Footprint with Right-Angle Gear Motors

Posted by Johann Tang on Oct 1, 2018 8:31:15 AM

Parallel shaft gear motors are the standard configuration in the industry.  However, right angle gear motors are gaining popularity for its ability to minimize the footprint of a machine, such as a conveyor.  Another factor that should be considered is the type of gears used in the gearhead.  While worm gear technology is popular, its gear efficiency can vary from 50~90% depending on gear ratio.  On the other hand, hypoid gear technology keeps its efficiency at 80~95% regardless of gear ratio.  Higher gear efficiency allows more torque to be transferred from the motor to the load shaft, and sometimes allows even smaller motors to be used.

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Topics: Brushless motors, AC Motors, Gearhead, Gear motor, Conveyor, Efficiency, Belt, Coupling, Mounting, Gearbox, Motor, Reducing Footprint, Increase Torque, Speed Synchronization, Reducing Labor, Helical Gear, Spur Gear, Worm Gear, Hypoid Gear, Easier Installation, Reduce Parts, Right-Angle Shaft, Parallel shaft, Improve Design

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