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Proud Moments To Be Thankful For

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 27, 2019 8:05:07 PM / by Johann Tang

Johann Tang

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I'd change gears (pun intended) and write about what Oriental Motor is thankful for.  

First, we are thankful for our customers for being our customers and helping us grow to be a globally reputable motion control manufacturer.  Second, we are thankful for the awards and recognition we've received over the years.  It's always good to know that we're doing a good job and these accolades definitely serve as motivation to become even better.

While we are grateful with these awards and recognition, our greatest satisfaction comes from applying our award-winning products to solve motion control challenges for our customers.

In case you didn't know, here are some of our proud moments in the last 2 years.

LEAP Awards

2018 LEAP Awards Finalist - Motion Control category

Publication: Design World, WTWH Media

Product: Battery-Free Multi-Rotation Absolute Mechanical Encoder

Alphastep AZ Series with built-in multi-rotation absolute position sensor

The LEAP (Leadership in Engineering Achievement Program) Awards celebrate the most innovative and forward-thinking products serving the design engineering space.  The program will encompass products representing three of the company’s flagship brands: Design World, Fluid Power World and EE World Online.  LEAP honors the best designs in 14 categories: Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Materials, Analog Electronics, Connectivity, Embedded Computing, Fastening & Joining, Hydraulics, Industrial Automation, Mechanical, Motion Control, Pneumatics, Power Electronics, Switches & Sensors, and Test & Measurement.

2018 Control Design Readers' Choice Awards

2018 Control Design Readers' Choice Award - #2 in Motion category

Publication: Control Design, Putman Media

Product: Stepper Motors

PKP Series lineup

The 2018 Control Design Readers’ Choice Awards winners were selected by its readers. More than 15,000 individuals who identify themselves as having buying influence or authority were invited to access this confidential ballot.  All of the voting is unaided, meaning that no list of supplier choices is provided for guidance or assistance in the ballot. It's created entirely by the participants, who may vote for first, second and third preferences in each category. The results are grouped by Control, Hardware, Motion, Networking, Safety, Sensing and Software categories. 

Golden Mousetrap Awards

2019 Golden Mousetrap Award Finalist - Automation & Motion Control

Publication: Design News,  Informa Markets

Category: Motors and Mechanical Motion Devices

Product: AZ Series

AZ Series

The Golden Mousetrap Awards acknowledge the American people, companies, and technologies driving innovation in product design and manufacturing. Specifically, it celebrates the renaissance of manufacturing in North America by honoring the companies and people who make it possible while promoting engineering and manufacturing as rewarding career choices for the next generation.

Leadership in Automation First Team Honoree 2019

2019 Leadership in Automation: First Team Honorees, Motors

Publication: Automation World, PMMI Media Group

Category: Motors

In its eighth year, Automation World’s Leadership in Automation program reflects the growing range of automation technologies and industry’s recognition of the outstanding suppliers in the field.

An important aspect of this annual awards program continues to be the fact that honorees receive their recognition from an open-ended survey. Rather than being swayed by a set list on a voting form that stays largely unchanged year after year, respondents pull from their own mental reserves about which suppliers have been the most tried and true. But they also know best which new suppliers might have stepped forward to capture new trust in a changing landscape of automation.

Oh did I mention that this wasn't the first time we were nominated for the 1st team?  In addition to being voted into the first team honorees in 2019, we were also voted into the first team in 2015, 2016, and 2017.


Leadership in Automation First Team Honoree plaques

Last but not least.  It's always nice to be #1.  

2019 Control Design Readers' Choice Awards

2019 Control Design Readers' Choice Award - #1 in Motion category

Publication: Control Design, Putman Media

Product: Stepper Motors

PKP Series lineup

Every year, questionnaires are sent to subscribers who specify, recommend or buy industrial automation and control products. Vendors are not eligible to vote, and are excluded from the electronic ballot list. The voting is only for machine-builder and system-integrator readers.

This is an unaided ballot, meaning there is no list of vendors or product brands to choose from.  50-odd hardware and software categories are included, and participants are asked to name the companies that provide them the best technology value for the products with which they have experience. Once they chose the best providers, participants rate service and support they receive from them.  Only companies that received at least 5% of their category vote are recognized.

Here's a big THANK YOU to all those who voted for us!

2019 Thanksgiving thank you

Topics: Stepper Motors, Absolute Positioning, Alphastep Hybrid Control

Johann Tang

Written by Johann Tang

Johann Tang is a Product Specialist at Oriental Motor USA Corp. with over 15 years of knowledge and experience supporting applications of various types of electric motors, gearheads, actuators, drivers, and controllers.