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Products and technology are only valuable when coupled with skilled people and services to support them. Since 1978, ORIENTAL MOTOR U.S.A. CORP. has been building a service and support system to better serve customers. It is our goal to provide the best product and service from the design phase, through the sale and beyond.

Our blog will feature:

  • Introduction to new products and technologies
  • Motion control basics and application examples
  • Tips for motor selection, programming, and troubleshooting


Video Explainer: Features of the New BLV Series R Type

Posted by Johann Tang on Jan 28, 2022 8:27:56 PM

The BLV Series R Type brushless DC motor and compact driver not only reduces the size and weight of the original BLV Series driver but offer an upgrade to the motor as well.  This blog post uses videos to explain the features offered by the BLV Series R Type.

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CVD Stepper Motor Drivers Explained

Posted by Johann Tang on Apr 1, 2021 9:35:17 PM

CVD stepper motor drivers are the recommended drivers for PKP Series high torque stepper motors for its ability to lower vibration and improve torque performance throughout its entire speed range.  The latest update includes the addition of RS-485 communication and MEXE02 software support.

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Tips to Minimize Stepper Motor Vibration

Posted by Johann Tang on Sep 30, 2019 8:33:27 PM

Stepper motors vibrate.  It's what they do.  To minimize motor vibration, first we need to understand where they come from.

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Improve Performance Further with 3 Advanced Stepper Motor Driver Features

Posted by Johann Tang on Dec 1, 2018 12:00:00 PM

There are many stepper motor manufacturers in the market place, but there are even more stepper motor driver manufacturers.  The crowded market place provides many standard product options for customers to build their motion control system just the way they like it. 

However, if the best possible performance is desired, it would be difficult to beat a tested combination of a specific motor and driver from the same manufacturer.  By combining R&D knowledge from both motors and drivers, unique product features can be developed to improve performance further.  

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